Foster overall safety in our county

I am very proud to live in King George County and will keep this county safe for the citizens and visitors.

Service and safety above all.

Ensuring the safety and security of citizens and their property is one of the primary responsibilities of local government and is fundamental to achieving the Sheriff’s Office mission of providing high quality, law enforcement services to the people of King George and our visitors.

Service is not new for me it is a lifelong commitment.

Eliminate drug epidemic.

As our community grows, we, like the rest of our area have experienced a record level of deaths from opiates. This problem is complex. The first goal is to not allow King George to foster an environment where drugs can be dealt. This will be accomplished by working together with state and federal resources to expunge drug dealers. Second, we must work with our community partners to help those affected by addiction. And lastly, deterrence. We must aggressively educate our youth about the dangers and life-ending consequences of drugs.

Promote safe environment in schools, on highways, and in businesses.

We must be comfortable sending our children and grandchildren to a safe environment in school. Children are our greatest resource and they will be protected.

We and our visitors must be able to travel our highways safely. I pledge to work on accident reduction in our county.

Implement data to best serve our citizens.

We can best serve our citizens by taking advantage of the multiple methods of utilizing data. I will conduct an annual report to inform citizens of real data regarding their county.

Guard youth and elderly from computer crime.

Our youth are bombarded with harassment on the internet through various social media platforms. Additionally,  many of our citizens fall prey to online scams and fraud. I have a team ready to combat this problem.

Recruit, retain, and maintain skilled employees.

I will retain a highly skilled staff and keep them up to date on the latest techniques. Our goal is to ensure your sheriff office is a good steward to public tax money.

Foster overall safety in our county.

I am very proud to live in King George County and will keep this county safe for the citizens and visitors.