Terence “T.C.” Collins has been a faithful civil servant for over 25 years. With humble beginnings as a Correctional Officer and working his way up to a Virginia State Police Special Agent, T.C. knows a thing or two about hard work and service. His professional career and personal character are testaments to his passion for serving our country, state, and county. T.C. has been involved in King George County for over three decades. He is highly invested in the wellbeing of our county as noted by his involvement on the King George County School Board, Board of Equalization, and the numerous friendships established in this community. T.C. and his wife, Jennifer, are also invested members of LifePoint Church and have the unique opportunity to collaborate in aiding our county schools as Jennifer has been a teacher/admin for the entirety of their 26 years of marriage. T.C.’s children, Jennell, Tyler, and Jacqueline all attended King George County Schools and are all still deeply connected to their hometown roots.

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Service and safety above all.

Eliminate drug epidemic.

Promote safe environments in schools, on
highways, and businesses.

Implement data to best serve our citizens.

Guard youth and elderly from computer crime.

Recruit and retain skilled employees.

What's Happening Now?

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